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BR+ NAD Certification and Training Program
for Healthcare Professionals

Our Treatment Standards Are Based on Excellence
in Compassionate Care


“Excellence in Compassionate Care”

BR+ MD Consultants, LLC, is committed to helping clinicians excel in helping their patients improve their lives through the Brain Restoration Plus (BR+) treatment modality for optimum health.  Based on this mission, we have established certain standards of practice based on our many years of clinical observations and continuing research. These standards are in line with our core values.  We believe that to help people improve their lives we must recognize that the brain mediates everything:  our body, our mind, and our spirit.  Because we are committed to brain health and restoration, we believe that we can have a positive impact on those who are seeking physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

We have learned that there is no substitute for compassion in the practice of mental health and addiction treatment.  To listen respectfully to the patient’s message opens the corridor to all the rooms in which secrets are kept.  To be invited into one or more of those rooms is a sacred gift and should be honored as such. Some rooms are easier to enter than others.  Some are even locked, but authentic compassion may help the patient find the key and the willingness to venture in with us by their side.  When their pain is greater than their fear, they will act differently and begin to renovate their lives.

Where is the Certification and Training Offered?

BR+MD Consultants and the training faculty, is committed to helping clinicians excel in helping their patients improve their lives through BR+/ NAD intravenous therapies. The initial phase of the training and certification program offers a Physician and Nurse the opportunity to spend time at the at Springfield Wellness Center, located at 32872 Cullom Road, Springfield, LA 70462, to engage in an intense two-day shadowing. The remainder of the 12-month program takes place at your location.

When is This Certification and Training Available?

The clinic treats patients in 10-day rotations twice monthly. Upon acceptance into the program, every effort is made to accommodate the availability of trainees.

For Trainees

Orange Brain

Addiction Training and Certification Program for Healthcare Professionals

Authentic compassion is paramount, and along with truth and integrity, is the hallmark of treatment success. Our motto is, no guilt, no shame, and no judgment.

We hope you join us.